Holiday from Hell or Heaven?

Soon enough me and the rest of the geek clan will be packing our cases and heading for sunny shores.... me and 3 women!! 

Living with them is fine, I get to go to work and avoid them when needed, but 10 days of being with them 24/7 will I (more importantly them) be able to survive?

Already looking at things to make this trip less stressful, the list so far includes:

  • Overnight stay at airport night before flight (Mel is a very nervous flyer)
  • Kindle / iPad full of books to stop boredom
  • List of activities to do with little geek so Ash and Mel can chill
  • Music on every device ... we all have such different tastes and I don't want to listen to Mel's cheesy music! 

But I know from Twitter a lot of you travel with family, so what are your tips to keep the peace and enjoy the break?

Have you ever used an airport lounge as a family? I have used them for business and am considering it for us this year as a family!