What is the right age for a phone?

Its a question we are being asked more and more by our 9 year old

"Can I have my own mobile phone now" .......

The rule in our house has been when you start walking to school on your own, which tends to be senior school, then you can have a mobile.  This is what we did with Ashleigh although this was 7 years ago and it is making me think has time changed things and should we reconsider.

In this mornings news there is a lot of talk about kids having phones, and it has made me think again.

If i think about it the main people she will speak to via text or calling will be close family or her best friend (who doesn't have a phone).  I think she wants it mainly to listen to music on and play on apps, but she already has an iPad so does she need one?

We have a couple of old iPhones around the place that she could use so would not cost us anything apart for a PAYG sim.

I know Mel will likely be against it but is 9 nearly 10 to young for first phone?

I do not have concerns about her taking it to school as she will not be allowed and wouldn't dare take it, and would not be allowed to take it out when she is playing, so I question myself as to what is the point?

Good question! Hence this post I am in 2 minds, being a geek I think it would be good for her to get used to using it and the responsibility of having a phone but is this to young for a 9 year old?