Trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth?

As with most parents sometimes it is a battle to get the 9 year old to brush her teeth.

She is usually pretty good, however when she is tired etc it is often a battle! Now as you will know if you listened to my previous blog post, she received a lovely new iPad Mini for christmas.  Whilst setting up this iPad and making sure the app store was working correctly, I noticed this lovely little app called Aquafresh Brush Time.

Source: iTunes / Aquafresh Brush Time App

I downloaded it on the off chance that Katy would like the app and actually use it.  A few weeks on and it seems to have worked well, every morning and evening she takes the iPad with her to brush her teeth (watch out if you have younger kids, water and iPads don't mix).   The app plays a very catchy song (I bet you will be humming it after hearing it a couple of times) for 2 minutes talkings kids through how to brush their teeth but in a fun way. 

As a reward the kids get points to spend on dressing up their Aquafresh Nurdie!   A brilliant little app that I thought I would share and hopefully this will make it that little bit easier getting your kids to brush their teeth!