A nice little app: Mail to Self iOS8 extension app

A load of you iPhone users have updated your phone to iOS8 and no doubt no about the enhancements this has given your device such as custom keyboards and notification widgets! But another enhancement to the iOS is the sharing extensions which enable users to share content between multiple apps.

Source: Extra Thought

Source: Extra Thought

I have started using a new app, which uses this extension in a very cool but simple way.  The app is called Mail to Self, the app create an extension that enables you to send a link to your email with the touch of a single button.

I use this feature often, once you have set up the app it very easy to use.  You just tap the "Mail to Self' icon from Safari's share menu to send a link to any page that you are viewing to yourself.

There are other functions within the main app itself such as emailing any link copied to your clipboard to yourself.

Again a very simple app but one that will save you time! The app extension also works with Tumblr, Amazon and any other app that uses the iOS' native share menu.  It is not extensive for making reminders but for the times when you want to send yourself a quick reminder of a page you are viewing etc it is ideal!