Another significant Instagram Update!

So today the folks at Instagram have announced what they are calling 2 significant updates! 

So apparently there are more than 70 Million photos uploaded to Instagram each day and Instagram is right when it says:

Wherever something is happening, chances are you can see it here 

How many times have you been at a venue or event and uploaded a photo, tagged the location and then gone back to your photo to see other pictures taken there?   Please don't say its just me!

One I am more excited about that the other! So lets talk about the meh! one fore a second!

So the first update is to the Explore function, with this update they have updated the explore function so hopefully it will be "Immediate and Effortless" .... I have no idea what this means or how it will work in practice but they have stated that the explore function will now show trends as they appear in realtime, this will be for events near you and also popular events around the globe (the stories function on Snapchat comes to mind!)



So now you will see trending Tags and Trending places.... As well as this the top of the Explore page will be handed over to what they are calling curated collections, that Instagram will update regularly.... I have no doubt that this will soon feature paid / ad support collections that brands will be pushing! 

Shamefully these updates to Explore are only being rolled out to the United States until they have "fined tuned" the experience! 

Now something that I am looking forward to, and that is Improved Search

Not only will you now be able to search by name or tag but you will also now be able to search by place, as they say in their blog post announcing this update, you will now be able to scout out your next vacation spot or a restaurant you are thinking of going to!! 

To read the full post from Instagram it's here!