iPhone Lightening Cables from Eastern Collective

Ok just a quick post from me! 

An annoying fact about being an iPhone and iPad owner are the Lightening Cables, they are a bit crap!  They improved slightly with the new design but still are not brilliant quality, break easily and are to short for my liking! 

I was very pleased when Matt from the Eastern Collective sent me a nice care package of 4 new Lightening cables!  One big problem in the Geek household is that we all are Apple lovers, but they all like to borrow my cable and then deny doing so!   I also seem to eat Lightening Cables, the plastic seems to deteriorate and crack exposing the inner wiring or break near the end that connects to the phone! 

Now when I first opened the package from the Eastern Collective I was excited (I'm a geek, these things excite me), the colours are very vivid and well different! I know which cables are mine easily now and can also tell which little thief has "borrowed" them in the Geek House! 

Another massive bonus for me is the length, I have USB Ports under my desk and the original cable is just long enough for the phone to charge but can't use it without disconnecting! This is no longer the case thanks to the Eastern Collective cables being 1.5m! 

If you are in the market for some new cables I certainly recommend these!  As they are similar priced to the original Apple lightening cables, have seen them on Amazon for £18 or you can order direct form the Eastern Collective site for $25.95, as well as the great price they are certainly more robust that the plastic Apple ones as they are made form an excellent woven nylon! 

Disclaimer: Eastern Collective sent me these for free but no obligation for me to talk about them!