Turning your data roaming off....

If you are going away this year make sure that you know how to disable the data roaming on your phone.  As an iOS user it is pretty simple!, below are some steps to talk you through how to do this.  I thought I would also give you some tips as well if you do want to try and stay connect whilst you are away:

  • First make sure your SIM is set to work abroad, sometimes this access is disable and will be a pain to sort out once you're already abroad.
  • See what bundles your Network are offering before you travel
  • Know the costs outside of this so you don't come home to any surprises
  • If you are going fora long time 2 weeks or more, check out local SIM Pay As You Go deals when you get there
  • Most importantly try and use WIFI as much as poss! 

So you need to disable your roaming, for Android this will vary depending on your phone manufacturer, but for Apple iPhone's it is pretty simple.

A new feature was added to the roaming settings with iOS8, and this was the EU Internet toggle, with the up and coming legislation to abolish roaming charges in the EU from 2015.  This is what this toggle is in relation to and will enable you to keep data roaming only on in the EU.

Once more is known about how this works I will add further comments here!