Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

Every now and then I get the opportunity to review some tech!  The lovely folk at Logitech sent me an Ultrathin Keyboard for my iPad Mini!

I have to admit I was not expecting much, for my old iPad 2 I used to have a keyboard it was reasonably bulky and in the end I stopped carrying it around!  One reason I love my iPad mini is that it is so small and lightweight, I was there fore hesitant about a keyboard for it! 

When I got around to unboxing the keyboard I was amazed at how light it was! I was also concerned that being this light it might break easily!   I shouldn't have worried.  I have been using the keyboard now for about a month and it has become one of my valuable work tools.  

A few weeks ago my MacBook blew up and was out of action for 3 days, so I turned to the iPad and Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and it worked brilliantly.  I also use it a fair amount for work! 

I am not lucky enough to have a work iPad or a light laptop, but I can access the system through my personal iPad so when needed I have been using this keyboard with no problems at all!

One thing that does need mentioning is the Keyboard, I have yet to charge it! The packaging does say that its battery will last for 3 months and a fully belief that.

Overall this is an amazing product, if you are in the market for a keyboard for your iPad Mini then you can't go far wrong than this one.

I have made a short video so you can see what it looks like!